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Stick PC for Car displays

Mstick is an Android-based stick PC that can be used on the car display that support Android Auto.
You can use Android based various features and apps on the car display.

* Depending on the vehicle or the app, some or all functions may not work properly.




Plug and Play

Simply plug in the Mstick into the USB port and it will be ready to connect.


*  If you turn off the vehicle and lock it from outside, the product will be automatically switched off in 3 minutes. (On Grandeur IG bases)


Use your favorite navigation app to find directions

You can use navigation apps released on Android.
Depending on situations, use your favorite navigation app to get real-time directions.


* The navigation app may not work properly in some vehicles due to lack of GPS information supply.

Hit the road to the airport!

Download the voice recognition service app and freely in the car display!
Tell your voice assistant what you need!


* On some car displays, the voice recognition function might not work properly.


Google Play in the car!

Numerous apps and diverse contents from Play Store are available on the car display.
Depending on situations, install your favorite app and configure out your own screen.


* To use various apps and contents, Mstick must be connected to the Internet or smartphone’s hotspot. Please note while using the Internet, Mstick will consume data from your smartphone. 
* On some vehicles, the app may not function properly. Please refer to the Mgears homepage FAQ.

Keeps intactly the Original Audio Play! 

Instead of Bluetooth using lossy compression, Mstick connected to the USB transmits audio data without compromising the sound quality.
Thrilling experience of the original sound with powerful car audio systems.


Turn your car into a cinema

Mstick can run Netflix, Wavve, and mostly all OTT apps domestic or abroad.
Create your own cinema to watch together you’re your family. 

* NETFLIX is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc..
* Wavve is a registered trademark of ContentWave Co., Ltd.

Ideal support for your car radio!

Streaming music running under a low-cost smartphone data plans may cause burdens.
Reduce all the burdens loaded from unnecessary data consumption. Mstick and the car’s radio can be use simultaneously. 


Product Specs


Mstick can be used in the car display which comes with Android Auto.


Connect to smart Driving



The products of Mgears can be purchased at the following link.

* Please check the car compatibility list before purchasing.

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