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You can download the latest firmware of Mgears' products.
Keep your products up to date for best performance and reliability.

Update USB Maker is an installation-free firmware download program for PC that is only available for Windows 10.

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Direct download the latest firmware (Ver 2.12.0)


* Download Server 1 and Server 2 files are the same, so please download only one from the server you want.


Mstick Release notes

Please check the latest updates by product

How to update

How to Update


1. Download the latest firmware from the homepage.
Unzip it when the download is completed. Create a folder named update in the USB memory and move the ZIP’s internal files to the folder.

* Please use a USB memory formatted as FAT32 for the update.

(Windows can format only USB memory with a capacity of 32GB or less as FAT32.)

* For general use, Mstick can recognize USB memory formatted as FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

* Using the [Update USB Maker], you can easily do the first step.


2. Insert the USB memory into the Mstick’s USB port.


3. Insert the Mstick into the car display’s USB port.


4. The firmware will be updated automatically flashing Mstick’s red and blue LED alternately. (* The update may take up to 10 minutes depending on USB memory.)

* Do not touch Mstick while it is being updated.


5.  flash only blue


6. Please check the version of firmware in the bottom right of the caution screen.

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